Connecting to Polaris (macOS)

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Before following these instructions you must install the Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 app from the App Store

Step 1

With the application open, click the plus sign at the top left hand corner, and then click Remote Resources:

Step 2

In the Add Remote Resources window, type in the following and then click Find Feed:


Step 3

Now in the new option that appears called User Account: click the option Ask me every time, and then select Add user account.


Step 4

Under Add User Account type in the following and then click Save:

User name: share\yourusername (example: share\john.doe)
Password: The password you use to log into Polaris.

Step 5

Back on the Add Remote Resources window, click Add Feed:


If the user name and password are correct, you should now see the Polaris ILS LIVE icon:

Step 6

Now double-click the Polaris ILS LIVE icon. For about 1-2 seconds, you may see a box appear on the screen that starts off blank (black), turns blue with a Windows logon message, and disappears before finally seeing the Polaris toolbar and logon screen.