Connecting to Polaris (Windows)

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Note: Please make sure you have prepared your computer for Polaris by clicking here.

Step 1

Open Internet Explorer and navigate to 

Note: At this time, other browsers (e.g.: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge) are not supported.  Internet Explorer is REQUIRED.

Windows 10 Users: If Microsoft Edge opens, you will need to click the dots/ellipses (...) in the upper-right hand corner, and then click Open with Internet Explorer


Step 2

An add-on bar might pop up at the top or bottom of your browser (depending on the version of Internet Explorer).

In Internet Explorer 8 (Commonly seen on Windows XP.  Brand new installs of Windows Vista and 7 will likely have this version as well)

In newer versions, you'll see this at the bottom:

If you do not see this, please skip to step 4

Step 3

If you're using Internet Explorer 8 (bar on top): Click on the bar.

Then click Run Add-on

A window will pop up asking if you want to run ActiveX control.

Click Run

For newer versions of Internet Explorer (bar on bottom): Click the Allow button:

Step 4

You may now enter your username and password.

Example: username@ihls.local
Note: Use either your machine or Polaris login here




Step 6

You may see a few icons.

Click on the Polaris IHLS LIVE icon
Note: You only need to click once.




Step 7

A window remote desktop window will pop up

Click Connect


Step 8

Polaris will open and a log in screen will pop up.

NOTE: If you used a machine login for step 5, you will need to change the username to your Polaris username.

Enter your password, and click OK




Step 9

The Polaris bar should be dark blue, and you should see your username and library at the top.

You may now minimize your Internet Explorer browser





Step 10

You should see the Polaris bar and your computer's desktop.