Minimum requirements for Polaris

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Minimum System Software Requirements

If your computer is running Microsoft Windows

  • Any of the following versions of Windows:
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8/8.1
    • Windows 10
  • Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher (Internet Explorer 11 recommended)
    • Windows 8/8.1 users: Internet Explorer must be running in Desktop mode
    • Windows 10 users: If your Polaris Shortcut or Favorite opens in Microsoft Edge, please click the "..." in the upper-right hand corner, and then click "Open in Internet Explorer."  Microsoft Edge is not supported at this time.


If your computer is an Apple Macintosh

  • Intel-based Macintosh with OSX 10.6 or greater



Minimum System Hardware Requirements

  • Computer exists today, and you need to know if it will run Polaris:
    • Minimum AMD or Pentium 4, single core processor running at 2.0 GHz, or newer.
    • Minimum 1 GB RAM.
    • Minimum 250GB Harddrive, with 50GB free.
    • Receipt printers should be compatible with 64-bit Windows or Mac.
    • Monitor that will support 1024x768 resolution
  • Purchasing a new computer (estimated lifetime use with Polaris 3-5 years):
    • Minimum AMD or Pentium Dual Core Processor (i5 equivalent) or better.
    • Minimum 4GB RAM Minimum 250GB Harddrive, with 50GB free.
    • Monitor that will support at least 1024x768 resolution.