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You may choose to change the default text of patron notices to better fit your library and patron needs. Please indicate which notices you would like to be customized, and what you would like the message to be. Note: You do not have to customize them all. 

Default Wording

Billing Notice:  
THIS IS A BILL. Your account has been charged for failure to return the following items. Please remit payment or contact the library as soon as possible.

Fine Notice:  
Our records show fines on your account. Please pay promptly. Thank you.

Hold Pick Up Notice:  
The following items are being held for you at the library. Please pick the items up on or before the date indicated.

1st, 2nd and 3rd Overdue Notices:
As of the date shown our files show that the following items charged to your account are overdue. Please return these items as soon as possible.


Custom Patron Notices Form
Billing Notice
Fine Notice
Hold Pick Up Notice
1st Overdue Notice
2nd Overdue Notice
3rd Overdue Notice
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