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Your library can save a reading history in a patron’s record to keep track of what the patron has read and what she might like to read again. The reading history lists information about each item the patron has checked out since the history was started. Renewals are not included in the list, but multiple check-outs of the same item are included. Even if an item or bibliographic record is deleted, the entry remains in the reading history.   In the staff client, this list is displayed on the Patron Status workform - Reader Services view.

Your library may also allow patrons to view their reading histories from the PAC, start and stop the recording their histories, and remove individual items from their histories. The reading history contains basic information for each item the patron has checked out since the reading history was started.

Please note that filling out this form does not turn it on for every patron, it only allows access for it to be turned on. The patron will need to turn on Reading history in the PAC or you will have to turn it on for them in the staff client.
Reading History Options Form
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