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If you are getting the 403/503 Error.  Click here to find instructions on fixing the problem.


Issue 1:

Continuous login prompt after clicking Polaris ILS Live icon.


This is linked to Windows 7 and Windows 8.  There is an update that needs to be installed on your computer.  The easiest way to install this is to run Windows Updates and include all “Optional” updates.  You can go directly to the download you need here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2592687 but I recommend installing all Windows Updates anyway.  We've also added a new download link to our Windows 7 "Preparing your computer for Polaris" page.


Issue 2:

Some people can’t get their password to change because of a message telling them their username or password is invalid.  Unfortunately the only way to fix this one is to email us the username or call us at 618-656-3216 option 1.  We will reset your password.  This is not immediate, so email is actually better and we will process them as they come in.  For now send those to me at tbrown@illinoisheartland.org with your username (first.lastname) and your 4 character delivery code.



Issue 3:

SAM is still down.    ***RESOLVED***  SAM IS BACK UP

For libraries that are part of the SAM group, that server isn’t talking to Polaris.  A ticket to resolve it is open with Comprise, and it should start working automatically once it’s updated.



Issue 4:

Helpdesk is down.  ***RESOLVED*** HELPDESK IS UP

We’re working on it.


Issue 5:
Reports aren't showing correctly


Press the green refresh button in the top right corner of the reports window.  The page will go blank for about 30 seconds or so as it reloads all updates from the report server.