Dec 9, 2016 Failed Jobs

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We are in the process of running a manual backup in an effort to clear out the full log file.  We will open logins as soon as we can, but until the log files are cleared, there is nothing you can do in Polaris anyway.

We are hopeful that this will be resolved within the next hour or so.  But there is really no way to tell.





We are investigating while several overnight jobs failed Thursday night and Friday morning.  When we know more, we'll update this status.

Server was rebooted at 7:15am.  Some jobs won't be able to be reran during the day, so they will have to catch up tonight during the next overnight job run.


Update 7:40am

The backups failed and our transaction files filled up and can't take any more new data.  This means any check ins or check outs you've done this morning, may need to be redone.  Please treat Polaris as if it's offline.