Wednesday morning issues

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1:45pm update: I'm going to call this resolved but still checking systems.  All servers are back and no data was lost.  The issue was a network problem on one of our 2 main redundant switches.  One switch was configured with the correct setting and the other was not.  We're not sure why we didn't notice this issue earlier, but it's fixed now. However during the switch issue, the main servers lost connectivity and some went offline. This took a bit to rectify, but I think we have it all. We are still checking all systems.  If you are still experiencing printing issues, please log off, wait 3-5 min, and log into Polaris again.  That has solved the issue for everyone so far.  Thank you! --Troy


1:20pm update: Most people are logging in, but other are still having issues.  There are reports of printing issues. This isn't surprising because the of stability this morning.  We are checking the servers now to make sure screwdrivers is running correctly on all of them.


12pm update: System seems to be restored (mostly). We continue to check all systems.  There are still some login issues if you get directed to the wrong server. Just keep trying.  More updates soon.  Status back to Degraded from Offline.


11am update: Dell continues to troubleshoot the problem.  Still no ETA.


9:30am update: I'm downgrading the status from Degraded to Offline.  With Dell on the phone now, we may have to unexpectadly turn things off.


8:30am update: We are still experiencing extreme slowness, it appears to be network related. We are initiating calls with Dell now to help troubleshoot the underlying issue.


6am: Last night an unplanned extended outage occured due to a continued switch problem.  The switch had to be reconfigured and it's caused some other issues this morning.  We are looking into it.