June 19, 2015

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A little more than half way through the two year Dream Grant, SHARE staff are pleased to report that a great deal of progress is being made. You all know that we projected adding 40 libraries to the SHARE consortium, but that we have 61 that have committed to joining. At present, nine libraries are in the queue for profiling. Sixteen are patiently waiting for training so that they can start barcoding their collections. Eleven libraries are working on barcoding their collections. Eleven plan to go live on Polaris when school resumes in August. And fourteen are live on Polaris.

As you may remember, a barcoding buddy is assigned to each transitional member. Transitional libraries send tubs of items to be barcoded to their buddy, through the IHLS delivery system. Barcoding buddy libraries take care of the barcoding task, then send the items back to the transitional member, ready to be placed on their shelves. The advantage of this program for transitional members is obvious. The advantage to barcoding buddy libraries is that they receive a $300.00 credit on their SHARE member fees invoice.

SHARE staff would like to make sure all transitional members have a barcoding buddy assigned prior to July 1—whether they are ready to start barcoding or not—so that we can credit the appropriate library accounts before SHARE invoices are sent out late in July. At present, we have more buddies than we need in the Champaign delivery area, but could use more in both DuQuoin and Edwardsville delivery areas. If your library is interested in helping—and receiving a credit on your fees—please contact Nick Bennyhoff, Bibliographic Project Coordinator, as soon as possible. Nick can be contacted at nbennyhoff@illinoisheartland.org.

eRead Illinois grant, and the need to replace a couple positions vacated by staff who have moved on, the decision was made to revise three different job descriptions to create one new position. We’ve combined the Circulation Specialist, eBook Trainer/Coordinator, and Resource Sharing Specialist positions to create the SHARE Circulation & Resource Sharing Specialist position. And the three staff members filling this role are Sue Pearson, Joe DeVillez, and Lesley Zavediuk.

Sue and Joe will continue to provide training for Basic Circulation, Advanced Circulation, and Simply Reports, with Lesley acting as backup. As before, they will schedule classes in each of the service areas (Champaign, DuQuoin, and Edwardsville) at regular intervals, but are also available “on call” to travel to libraries requesting training, if there are at least three library staff members participating in the training session.

Sue will continue to be responsible for training and assistance with the Polaris Homebound/Outreach module, and will take care of ILL accounts—both in-state and out-of- state—in Polaris. If you need a library added for ILL, for example, you can email Sue at spearson@illinoisheartland.org.

Joe will continue to be responsible for training and assistance with the Polaris Inventory module. If you are interested in learning how to use the inventory module, you can contact Joe at jdevillez@illinoisheartland.org. He would be happy to visit your library to show you what Inventory can do.

Lesley will continue to be responsible for organization and training for 3M Cloud, but is also now responsible for contacting potential vendors of eResources and tracking library participation and statistics on all eResources offered through SHARE. You can reach Lesley at lzavediuk@illinoisheartland.org.

All three are learning all there is to know to assist all IHLS members with OCLC’s World Cat Discovery (formerly known as First Search), and will be scheduling training classes for that program after OCLC completes their training webinar blitz during 2015.

As always, however, if you have a question or comment but don’t know who to call, call any of the SHARE staff, and we will happily direct you to the expert on the subject.

In the last SHARE newsletter, staff shared information on several listservs, including IHLS Announce, IHLS Exchange, SHARE, SHARE Directors, and SHARE Directors’ Alert. That was enough information for that newsletter, but now we want to tell you about a couple more listservs you can participate in to get all the SHARE news.

The Bibliographic Services staff have maintained a Catalogers’ listserv for a little while, and it has been a good place for catalogers to ask questions, make suggestions and comments, without disseminating the information to non-catalogers who have no interest in or knowledge of subject headings or RDA or MARC coding. Interested library staff can sign up for this list here. Share Bibliographic Services staff monitor these emails—not for approval, but to offer information or answer questions.

The Share Circulation and Resource Sharing staff—with a whole lot of help from IT staff—will be unveiling a new Circ ListServ on Friday, June 26. You can sign up for this listserv here —though the signup form will not be available until the 26th. Like the Cataloging listserv, the purpose of this listserv is for SHARE and member library staff to make announcements, share ideas, make comments, ask questions, etc. If you sign up for the listserv, you can post to the listserv. The SHARE Circulation and Resource Sharing staff will monitor these emails—not to approve them, but to offer information or answer questions.

And one last note, keep in mind that SHARE staff monitor member library email that is posted to SHARE Directors, Cataloging, and, in the future, Circulation, in order to provide information, but do not monitor Exchange.

Monday, June 22, 9:30 to 12:30—Book Cataloging, Olney Public Library

Wednesday, June 24, 9:30 to 12:30—Basic Circulation, Decatur Public Library

Wednesday, June 24, 9:30 to 12:30—Book Cataloging, Decatur Public Library

Wednesday, June 24, 1 to 4—SHARE Reports, Decatur Public Library

Wednesday, June 24, 1 to 4—Advanced Circulation, Decatur Public Library

Tuesday, June 30, 9 to 12—Book Cataloging, IHLS Champaign

Tuesday, June 30, 1 to 4—Book Cataloging, IHLS Champaign