July 24, 2015

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SHARE staff have been involved in a few conversations recently that have reminded us that we need to make sure all of you remember a couple of concepts regarding resource sharing. You all remember, I’m sure, that school library cards cannot be used at public libraries, nor can public library cards be used at school libraries. However, we sometimes forget that the same is true of all other library types. In other words, library cards cannot be used at a library type different from the library that issued the card.

SHARE has given the message to all of you that patrons should not have more than one account in Polaris, but further investigation and thought tells us that is not a rule that can always be followed. For example, Edie, one of our fabulous SHARE staff members at the Edwardsville office, has a library card from her home library AND an IHLS library card AND--being retired Air Force - a library card from Scott Air Force Base. However, each of the cards represents a different library type. Edie can’t use her public card at the special library or the system library, and so on.

The exception to this rule - library cards can’t cross library types - is for those libraries who have a special agreement. For example, some public libraries allow some students to use their school card at the public library during the summer. Some community colleges allow patrons of public libraries to use their public card at the community college library. You just need to remember that if there is no special agreement, library cards can’t cross library types.

The IHLS Delivery Team is proud to announce our Welcome to Delivery Booklet. This booklet fully explains the ins and outs of library delivery service for our system members. It contains useful information to help you and your staff understand the delivery process. Keep an eye out in the next few weeks for your copy to arrive. Please be sure to place it in your circulation department and encourage your staff to become familiar with our service. As always, we appreciate our partnership with you, to facilitate the delivery of library items, so they reach your patrons as quickly as possible.

There’s more information to share! East Central Illinois Directors’ Meeting - usually held the fourth Monday of the month. For additional information, contact Susan McKinney at St. Joseph-Swearingen Township Library.

The remodeling of their new building is nearly completed, so they plan to move early in September. As a result, they will not be accepting holds on their items - Traci has turned off incoming holds - until after they are settled in their new home.

Monday, July 27, 9:30 to 12 - Polaris Basic Circulation, Helen Matthes Public Library, Effingham

Monday, July 27, 1 to 3 - Polaris Advanced Circulation, Helen Matthes Public Library, Effingham

Thursday, July 30, 9 to 12 - Polaris Basic Circulation, Mascoutah Public Library

Thursday, July 30, 1 to 3 - Polaris Advanced Circulation, Mascoutah Public Library

Wednesday, August 5, 1 to 2 - IHLS Directors' Chat

Tuesday, August 11, 9 to 11 - SHARE Catalogers Training Session

Wednesday, August 12, 1 to 2 - SHARE Chat with the IT staff

Wednesday, August 17, 1 to 2 - SHARE Chat: Circulation & Resource Sharing

Wednesday, August 26, 1 to 2 - SHARE Chat: Cataloging, Barcoding, Serials & Record Sets