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"Bad libraries build collections,
good libraries build services,
great libraries build communities."
- R. David Lankes
Top Requested Books May 2021

1) The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave - 249 requests
2) 21st Birthday by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro - 244 requests
3) Sooley by John Grisham - 127 requests
4) Legacy by Nora Roberts - 121 requests
5) The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah - 104 requests

Take a look at what's happening in in our latest SHARE Member Notes!

The end of the school year is quickly approaching, and we hope everyone has had a great year.
If you have not already done so, please fill out the Schools-End of the Year form. The last day the IHLS delivery team will be delivering to schools is May 17, 2021. Please note that if we do not receive a form or email from you, your school’s holds and Request Manager will be turned off on May 10, 2021 and back on by August 30, 2021. 
Helpful year-end tips:

Take a look at what's happening in in our latest SHARE Member Notes!

The Annual Library Certification is open on February 15, 2021, which includes the ILLINET Interlibrary Loan Statistical Survey.

Please click here for instructions or you can watch this video for a quick demonstration on which reports and numbers you'll need for the survey.


Take a look at what's happening in in our latest SHARE Member Notes!

New year, new devices! Many of your patrons probably received new tablets over the holidays. Remember, you can find all sorts of information regarding cloudLibrary app installation on the cloudLibrary patron support website (www.yourcloudlibrary.com).

Take a look at what's happening in in our latest SHARE Member Notes!

At the December 9, 2020 SHARE Membership Meeting, the SHARE Executive Council proposed changing the SHARE governance, specifically the population sizes of public library representatives. Voting will begin Wednesday, December 16, 2020. 

Right now, public library representation includes:

  • Small Public Library Representative (Population less than 10,000)
  • Medium Public Library Representative (Population 10,001-50,000)
  • Large Public Library Representative (Population 50,001 or more)

Only one library fits the description of a large public library. That limits the volunteers that are able to serve on the SHARE Executive Council, due to both term limits and due to leadership in other committees.

Would you support changing the definition, as follows:

  • Small Public Library Representative (Population 10,000 or less)
  • Medium Public Library Representative (Population 10,001-25,000)
  • Large Public Library Representative (Population 25,001 or more

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the SHARE Membership Meeting! If you were not able to attend, we did record the meeting.

SHARE staff and committees reported on the various initiatives of SHARE, including an IHLS membership and delivery report. The SHARE Executive Council has a proposed governance change on public library representation, and the SHARE Bibliographic & Cataloging Standards Committee have three proposed recommendations to formalize standards on including ISBD punctuation, cataloging self-published items, and recording copyright and publication dates. All documents regarding the proposed changes are available for review at the SHARE website, under the December 9, 2020 Membership Meeting. The vote on those four items will begin Wednesday, December 16. If you have any questions about items discussed at the membership meeting or the proposed changes, please contact Cassandra Thompson at cthompson@illinoisheartland.org.