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Full Member

A library system member that pays fees for the SHARE integrated library system. SHARE Full Members are granted voting privileges, with one vote per member library agency or school district.

SHARE Annual Maintenance Fees


Transitional Member

A library system member that intends to become a Full Member of SHARE within a three-year period.  Transitional Members pay fees that allow limited access in order to request materials found in the SHARE database and for start-up and implementation into the SHARE ILS. Transitional membership is encouraged so access can be provided to those members who would like to participate in the SHARE automation consortium, but require time to make the change.

SHARE Transitional Member Libraries will be expected to pay the following fees when they make the commitment to join the library automation consortium:

  • A $4,000.00 implementation fee, which offsets the cost of account setup, training, travel, and time for SHARE staff involved.
  • ½ the regular membership fees are billed during the July following the Transitional Member’s commitment to join SHARE, unless the new member library is live on the integrated library software at or near the beginning of the next fiscal year. If so, full member fees will be billed.
  • If it is determined that it is possible to migrate records from its current integrated library software (ILS) to the SHARE ILS, the transitional member library will pay the fees charged by the ILS providers, plus 10% to offset the cost of SHARE staff time involved in the process.
  • If data migration is not possible, the Transitional Member Library will pay a $2,500.00 fee for SHARE cataloging staff to complete retrocon cataloging. Retrocon cataloging refers to the process of finding or creating a bibliographic record for an item in OCLC’s Connexion, and then exporting the record into the integrated library software.The library will be responsible for attaching the item record to the bibliographic record in the database.


Affiliate Member

An IHLS member library that does not have an ILS (standalone, shared, consortial, etc.) Affiliate Members can have limited access to the SHARE database via the online catalog in order to request materials. There is no fee for this member type.


CARLI Affiliate Member

An IHLS full member academic library that is a member of CARLI. CARLI Affiliate Members can have limited access to the SHARE database via the online catalog in order to request materials. There is no fee for this member type.


Referral Bonus

The success of the SHARE program is based on satisfaction and support of members. While SHARE staff can explain details of how to join SHARE, including membership fees and benefits, referrals for new membership often come from other libraries. 

SHARE would like to reward member libraries for promoting the program. If a library agency joins as a transitional member, and they have been referred by another member library, the referring library will receive a $300 credit on their SHARE membership account for the next SHARE fiscal year, July 1 – June 30. Each member library can receive two referral credits per the SHARE fiscal year. The referring library can also choose to transfer their referral credit as a gift to the new, transitional member. 

With this program, the SHARE program will continue to encourage growth and member participation.