On-the-Fly records for in-house material

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No in-house material should be circulated if it is not cataloged. The use of the on-the-fly functionality in Polaris should be reserved for the rare instance of uncataloged material that is mistakenly on the shelf. For example, an item that is identified as missing during an inventory and the item record is deleted, but is later found and returned to the shelf without being recataloged.

SHARE staff have created an on-the-fly item record template for each library. Both the short on-the-fly bibliographic record and attached item record will be marked not to display in the PAC, and the item record will be marked as loanable only to patrons of the branch. The template will include a block that tells the circ staff at check-in to send the item to cataloging. SHARE staff will delete on the fly item records after checkin.