Local series authority records

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SHARE Bibliographic Services staff will create local series authority records in the Polaris database when requested in cases where a series statement appears on a resource, but no national-level series authority record has been established. A local series authority record will be established if documentation can be provided that at least three items have been published with the same series title, or if the series title is on the resource.

A local series authority record will not be created in cases where the only source of series information is the CIP. Series information must also appear elsewhere on the resource.

Local series authority records will include all formats. Separate local series authority records will not be created for different formats of the same series, i.e. print, audiobook, large print, etc.

To request the creation of a local series authority record, enter a help desk ticket and attach scans of the title page, verso, disc label, etc. and any information on the resource pertaining to the series, i.e., series title page, cover, container, etc. as well as any additional information from other sources such as author’s website, etc. that you feel may be helpful.