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All large print and larger print materials must be on a record that matches the item. The following procedures apply to all records for large print and larger print materials.

Do not attach to a record for the regular print.

Fixed fields

Form: d

General material designation (gmd)

Add a general material designation to the 245 for all large print and larger print records in Polaris.

Note: This is a local edit only. Do not add to master records in OCLC.
‡h[text (large print)]
245 1 0 ‡aAll along the watch tower‡h[text (large print)] /‡cby Jane Worth.
245 1 0 ‡aGone fishing‡h[text (large print)] :‡ba novel /‡cMatt Gibbons.

Edition statement

If the item has a large print or larger print edition statement, code that in a 250.

250 _ _ ‡aGale large print edition.

Add the following edition statement to larger print records in OCLC to keep the records from being merged incorrectly in WorldCat.

250 _ _ ‡a[Larger print edition].

Physical description

Add (large print) after the pagination.

300 _ _ ‡a356 pages (large print) ;‡c28 cm

Add MARC tag 340 subfield n to indicate font size.

340 _ _ ‡nlarge print‡2rdafs

Genre heading

Add a genre heading for large print books in addition to any other appropriate genre or subject headings.

Do not add subdivisions to genre headings.

This heading may be added to master records in OCLC.

655 _ 7 ‡aLarge print books. ‡2lcgft

Replace the following genre headings with the heading above in both master records in OCLC and in the Polaris database:

655 _ 0 ‡aLarge type books.

655 _ 0 ‡aLarge print books.

Remove the following subject headings unless the item in hand is actually about large type/print books.

650 _ 0 ‡aLarge type books.

650 _ 0 ‡aLarge print books.
Rev.  01-2023