Playaway Lock

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Playaway Lock is a device that contains preloaded ebook content. Catalog as you would a Playaway, with the following special instructions:

General material designation (gmd)

Use [electronic resource]

Add a gmd to all records for preloaded ebook players.

Note: This is a local edit only. Do not add to master records in OCLC.

Edition statement

Add the edition statement [Playaway Lock]. This may be added to an existing edition statement, separated by a comma.

Note: This is a local edit only. Do not add to master records in OCLC.
245 _ _ ‡h[electronic resource]
250 _ _ ‡a[Playaway Lock].

Physical description

"Electronic book reader" is the term in common use in records for this device.

Record the term "1 electronic book reader" in subfield a. Record the terms "electronic texts, digital files" in subfield b, and the dimensions of the player in subfield c.

300 _ _ ‡a1 electronic book reader :‡belectronic texts, digital files ;‡c12 x 17 cm +‡e1 power charging cord.


If not already in the record, add the following notes, in addition to all other appropriate notes:

500 _ _ ‡aIssued on Playaway Lock, a pre-loaded e-Reader.
500 _ _ ‡aPowered by rechargeable battery; includes one power charging cord (2 pieces) with both USB connection and AC adapter.
500 _ _ ‡aDevice does not have Internet connectivity.

Summary - state if there is a theme to the ebooks on the device.

520 _ _ ‡aCollection of New York Times fiction bestsellers.

Subject headings

Add the following subject heading in addition to all other applicable headings:

690 _ _ ‡aPlayaway Lock (Preloaded electronic book reader)
Note: This is a local edit only. Do not add to master records in OCLC.

Added authors/titles

Add author and title of each book, if not already listed:

700 1 2 ‡iContainer of (work): ‡aSimsion, Graeme C. ‡tRosie project.

Fixed fields

Code Fixed field Form of Item (position 29) as q - direct electronic.

Polaris Type of Material (TOM) Electronic Resource

Make sure there’s an 006 and 007 in the record for the electronic resource aspect of the item. This is what generates the TOM.

007 - Electronic resource
Category of material c (Electronic resource)
Specific mat'l desig z (Other)
Color b (black and white)
Dimensions z (Other)
Sound (no sound)
Image bit depth: nnn (not applicable)
File formats: a (one)
All other positions: | (No attempt to code)
006 - Electronic resource
Format of material: m (Computer file/electronic resource)
Audience: Code as appropriate
Form: q (Direct electronic)
Type of file: d (document)
Government publication: Code as appropriate