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The Polaris software will allow items to be checked in at any location if pop up boxes are answered incorrectly. I think that most of our previous software did not allow this. I have checked with Polaris to see if this can be changed in our current setup and it cannot so it has been entered as an enhancement request. In the meantime, this can be controlled by educating library staff.

A screen displays telling the staff member that the item belongs to another branch and should be sent in transit.  The correct answer is "Yes". If the staff member answers "No", the item is checked in at that branch.

Two reports have been created to identify these items and are located in the "Transits and Check Ins" folder:

  • Checked in at Wrong Library (by check in library)-- lists all the items checked in incorrectly at your library

  • Checked in at Wrong Library (by owning library)-- lists your items that have been checked in incorrectly at other libraries

Check your shelves for the items and if found, check them in. For items not found, ask the check in library to check their shelves and if found, check the item in and send in transit to you.

If the item is not returned, a bill may be sent to the library as stated in the ILLINET Interlibrary Loan Code.

NOTE: Ignore items with assigned branch "SHARE Digital Collection". These are ebooks.

Adopted 4/14/16