Conflict Resolution

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Disputes between member libraries that cannot be resolved or continuous violations of SHARE Circulation Policies or Procedures by a member library should be reported to the SHARE Director or their representative via the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Violation Report Form. The SHARE staff will review the circumstances of each violation, and reach out to the member libraries’ directors for resolution. They may also provide training and assistance, or suggest other ways to resolve conflicts to meet patron needs. The SHARE Director or his or her representative has the right to review member libraries’ accounts for compliance with SHARE Circulation Policies and Procedures. Failure to follow these policies may result in loss of permissions for staff in Polaris, as well as financial responsibility for unreturned materials. In the event of continued violations, the SHARE Director may take further action, up to and including required remedial training for member library staff, submitting bills for unreturned items, sending a warning letter to the Director and to the appropriate Board Representatives, Superintendent, Agency, or Corporation administrator, and suspending interlibrary loan privileges to the member library in the most serious of circumstances. Interlibrary loan permissions will be restored only when it is determined by the SHARE Director or his or her representative that the member library will remain in compliance. The member library may do so by signing a formal compliance agreement to follow all SHARE Circulation Policies and Procedures in the future. 


In the event that the member library disputes the circumstances of the violation(s) in question, the member library has the right to submit, in writing, a letter of appeal to the SHARE Circulation & Resource Sharing Committee. The committee determination may then be communicated to the SHARE Executive Council when needed.

Adopted 11/01/2018