Executive Council

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The Executive Council exists to consider and handle business brought forward when more immediate decisions need to be made. It exists to set direction, policy, and procedures for the operation of the LLSAP. SHARE provides for the Director of Illinois Heartland Library System a mechanism for advice and consent on matters pertaining to the LLSAP. The Executive Council develops and provides recommendations for proposed operational policies under consideration to the SHARE libraries and its Members’ Group. No SHARE member library can have more than one representative member on the Executive Council. Only SHARE full members may be representatives on the Executive Council.

The Executive council consists of:

  • 3 Public library representatives
    • One representative of public libraries with a population under 10,000
    • One representative of public libraries with population of 10,000 to 50,000
    • One representative of public libraries with population over 50,000
  • 3 School library representatives
  • 1 Academic library representative
  • 1 Special library representative
  • 1 Bibliographic and Cataloging Standards Committee Chair
  • 1 Circulation and Resource Committee Chair
  • 1 Policies and Finance/Fess Committee Chair
  • 1 eResource Committee Chair

Terms for the Executive Council: Seats are two years, with a limit of two consecutive terms. For the initial process, six of the Executive Council seats will serve as a single year term, with the remaining five seats two year terms. All will still have a two consecutive term limit.

The Executive Council will elect a President, Vice President/President Elect, and Secretary. The President and Secretary will hold office for a single year. The President will chair Executive Council and Members’ Group meetings. The Vice President/President Elect will chair the Executive council and Members’ Group meetings in the absence of the President the first year and serve as President and chair the Executive Council and Members’ Group meetings in the second year.

An IHLS staff member will also be appointed by the IHLS executive director as a liaison to the Executive Council. SHARE manager(s) should attend Executive Council meetings to facilitate communication. Neither the liaison nor SHARE manager(s) have voting privileges.

Adopted 9/17/12 amended 11/5/15