The Members’ Group will meet semiannually, with the dates to be determined by the Executive Council of SHARE. Meetings will be informational only. Voting will be conducted electronically and occur 1 week after the meeting. Procedural meeting details such as minutes will be voted on and determined by a majority of the members present. All fiscal and policy issues will be voted on electronically and a quorum will constitute 50 percent plus 1 of the SHARE full membership.

The Executive Council meetings are held quarterly, with at least one meeting designated as a “face-to-face” meeting. The other meetings may be conducted via electronic format. The President may determine if additional meetings are necessary to conduct time sensitive issues. A quorum of the Executive Council will be 6. Voting for the Executive Council may be done electronically.

Each standing committee will have six regularly scheduled meetings per year, though they may choose to cancel the meeting if there are no issues to take action on. Ideally, these meetings will be coordinated with the meeting schedule for the Executive Council, to allow for action to be taken on items discussed in a timely fashion. Adopted 6/15/15

IHLS will provide a person to take minutes for both the executive council meetings and the Members’ Group meetings. Adopted 9/17/12