Membership Types

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SHARE is a consortium of multi-type libraries (public, school, special and academic) that are members of ILLINET. There are three types of membership: SHARE Full Member, SHARE Transitional Member and SHARE Affiliate Member. Each SHARE library is required to provide a designated contact person on the library’s annual SHARE fee agreement, which is signed by the Library’s Director and kept on file with IHLS. Any changes to the designated library representative that occurs during that annual fee agreement time frame should be immediately forwarded to IHLS to update records correctly and in a timely fashion.

Each SHARE full member library has one designated representative on the Members’ Group. Each SHARE full member library is allowed one vote on matters brought before the group. The designated representative will be noted on the Designated Voting Member Form signed by the library with SHARE and kept on file with IHLS.

Note: Prison and special libraries will be reviewed on a case by case basis to determine SHARE member status due to their uniqueness.

Adopted 9/17/12; amended 6/2/16