Adding Members to SHARE Committees

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Protocol for adding members to SHARE committees: With the exception of the SHARE Executive Council, at their next regularly scheduled meeting, each committee will be asked to determine how many members should serve on that committee, with a maximum of 15 members. This number does not include IHLS and SHARE staff members, who will function as ex officio members of each committee. Each committee will be asked to present the requested information to the Finance and Policy committee for approval.

Appropriate SHARE staff will participate in all committee meetings, in an ex officio capacity, and will be responsible for recording minutes of the meeting. SHARE staff will also assist with scheduling meetings, and completing required postings.

Committee members will be required to participate in at least 75% of the committee meetings during a year’s time. If the member is unable to do so, that member will be asked to resign.

The Finance and Policy Committee will consist of seven members, with the SHARE Director and Managers attending, as appropriate, in an ex officio capacity.

Adopted 6/15/15