Establishing SHARE Policies & Best Practices

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While each of the SHARE committees have been following an unwritten practice since the merger committee started their work several years ago, the Finance and Policy committee, as approved by the SHARE Executive Council at their meeting on June 24, 2015, is recommending that the following steps be established as the procedure for establishing policies for SHARE:

  1. Member library staff will address their concerns to the chair of the appropriate committee.
  2. The committee will review the concern and, if appropriate, develop a recommendation for a new SHARE policy or procedure.
  3. The recommended policy or procedure will be posted on the SHARE website for member comment, for a period of no less than two weeks.
  4. The committee will meet to review the comments, and make changes to the recommended policy or procedure, as appropriate.
  5. The committee will recommend the proposed policy or procedure at the next SHARE Executive Council meeting.
  6. Once the recommendation is approved by the Executive Council, the recommendation is considered a Best Practice, and is expected to be followed by the SHARE membership.
  7. If approved by the SHARE Executive Council, the committee will present the recommended policy or procedure to the general SHARE membership at the next membership meeting.
  8. One week after the membership meeting, a vote of the membership will be conducted electronically, to approve or disapprove the recommendation. Voting will take place for a period of one week. Each SHARE member library is allotted one vote per library agency. In the case of schools, library agency should be interpreted as school district.
  9. Results of the vote will be announced within one week of the vote closing. If the recommended policy or procedure is approved, the policy or procedure will be in effect at that time. If it is not approved, the recommendation will return to the committee for further discussion.
  10. If library staff are unsure of which committee the concern should be addressed by, please contact the SHARE Director, one of the SHARE Managers, or a member of the SHARE Executive Council.

Adopted 6/5/15