Voting Procedure

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To determine a quorum for electronic voting, each library that pays a member fee is allotted one vote. In the case of schools, library agency should be interpreted as school district. Voting will be conducted electronically and occur 1 week after the SHARE membership meeting. All fiscal and policy issues will be voted on electronically and a quorum will constitute 50 percent plus 1 of the SHARE full membership. In some cases, changes that are only applicable to specific membership types will only be changed by a quorum of those members. Changes to cataloging policy will be voted on by a quorum of cataloging libraries, and changes to the e-resources policy should be voted on by a quorum of e-resources participants in order to streamline the voting process.

One week after the membership meeting, a vote of the membership will be conducted electronically, to approve or disapprove the recommendation. Voting will take place for a period of one week. Results of the vote will be announced within one week of the vote closing. If the recommended policy or procedure is approved, the policy or procedure will be in effect at that time.

Adopted 1/26/17

Revised 12/4/2019