Termination of SHARE Membership

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A SHARE member library may withdraw from full participation in SHARE by notifying the Illinois Heartland Library System in writing by January 1 prior to the fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) in which the library intends to leave SHARE. The member library is required to fulfill all outstanding obligations for the fiscal year in which the termination is requested. Termination notice given after January 1 will require the member library to pay SHARE scheduled costs for the entirety of the coming fiscal year. All borrowed items must either be returned or paid for by the last day of membership.

The member library is responsible for paying IHLS for the staff time used to remove their account from the SHARE database.

If the withdrawing library would like to have their records exported to a different integrated library system platform, arrangements will be made to export that library’s patron and item records.  The withdrawing library will pay for all costs associated with the export of allowable records.

For a more precise estimate of the cost of these services, please contact the SHARE Director.

This policy will not apply to libraries that are dropping membership as a result of financial hardship, such as a library or school closing.  Proof of hardship may be requested, for review and approval by the SHARE Executive Council or the SHARE Finance/Policy Committee.

Adopted 1/26/17