SHARE is a service of IHLS and IHLS is its fiscal agent. The database and its hardware are owned by IHLS and it is IHLS that enters into financial obligations and contracts on behalf of the Members’ Group.

The Illinois Heartland Library System shall actively engage the assistance of SHARE and its Executive Council in the development of LLSAP policies, plans, assessments and fees.

A vote of the members, conducted according to procedures approved by the Executive Council of SHARE will be held when obligating the proprietary funds of the SHARE membership.

An LLSAP report shall be placed on the agenda of each IHLS Board of Directors’ meetings. The report can include but is not limited to, the management, governance, and promotion of the LLSAP. The president of the SHARE Executive Council and the SHARE manager(s) will coordinate all reporting to the IHLS board, with preliminary information, including but not limited to, who will give the report, forwarded to the IHLS director at least one week prior to each IHLS Board of Directors’ scheduled meetings.

Adopted 9/17/12