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Spring is an excellent time to refresh and clean up our bibliographic and item records. Below are reminders and updates to help us maintain our “SHARE”d catalog.


  1. Large print books
  2. Closing out of records in Polaris/Leap
  3. Bibliographic record encoding levels & full-level records
  4. GMDs
  5. Item dimensions and pagination
  6. Cleaning up item records


  1. Closing out of records in Polaris/Leap
  2. Item dimensions and pagination
  3. Cleaning up item records


1.Large Print Books


In Dec. 2022, the Library of Congress added the genre term “Large print books” to the LCGFT list. On Jan. 20, 2023, the Bibliographic and Cataloging Standards Committee voted to amend the Large Print and Larger Print Materials policy to include this addition and instructions for updating bibliographic records for large print items currently in the Polaris database. The revised policy is below; the full policy can be found at the link above.

Genre heading

Add a genre heading for large print books in addition to any other appropriate genre or subject headings.

Do not add subdivisions to genre headings.

This heading may be added to master records in OCLC.

655 _ 7 ‡aLarge print books. ‡2lcgft

Replace the following genre headings with the heading above in both master records in OCLC and in the Polaris database:

655 _ 0 ‡aLarge type books.

655 _ 0 ‡aLarge print books.

Remove the following subject headings unless the item in hand is actually about large type/print books.

650 _ 0 ‡aLarge type books.

650 _ 0 ‡aLarge print books.


2.Closing Out of Records in Polaris/Leap


Please close out all record types (bibliographic, item, patron) when you are finished with them. If you are utilizing Leap, please check the left-hand column to ensure you don’t have records open that you are no longer working with.


If you encounter a locked record, please email cataloging@illinoisheartland.org to have the record unlocked.


3.Bibliographic Record Encoding Levels & Full-Level Records

All records imported into the Polaris database must be full-level records. When exporting records from OCLC Connexion, the fixed field “Elvl” should be blank (None of the following: 1–8, I, J, M). If you are working with a PCC-level record that will not allow you to change the encoding level, the following options are available:

  • Save the record to your local save file and make further edits (including changing the encoding level) before exporting the record.
  • Export the record and make any additional changes while utilizing MarcReport to check for completeness and any missed errors.
  • If you do not use MarcReport in your workflow, make any necessary changes immediately after importing into Polaris.*
  • Email Jennifer Baugh at jbaugh@illinoisheartland.org if you prefer IHLS staff make the necessary changes to the PCC records.

*If you are not using MarcReport, we highly recommend downloading this free product and using it to check your records before importing them into Polaris. You can download MarcReport here.



A general material designation (gmd) should be added to all records for braille, large print material, larger print material, and all non-print formats. This is a local edit only. Do not add to WorldCat records in OCLC.

The following terms are available:



electronic resource

‡h[electronic resource]



flash card

‡h[flash card]







microscope slide

‡h[microscope slide]







sound recording

‡h[sound recording]

text (large print)

‡h[text (large print)]








5.Item dimensions and pagination

Accurately measuring item dimensions, verifying pagination, and verifying runtime is vital in ensuring an accurate catalog. Please use the parameters below when matching your item to a bibliographic record or deciding if a new one is needed.

For item dimensions:

When everything else is a match, an item may be attached to a bibliographic record if its size, measured in centimeters, is within 2 cm of the stated size in the bibliographic record.

If the item is 2 cm or greater than the size recorded in the bibliographic record, it will need a new bibliographic record brought into the database.

For pagination:

A difference of more than three pages for books with more than ten pages is acceptable. For books with ten or fewer pages, the pagination must match exactly. A new bibliographic record must be brought into the database if your item does not fall within the outlined standards.


6.Cleaning Up Item Records


Spring is a great time to do some item record cleanup! SHARE cataloging staff have seen an uptick in reports of item records with information in the volume field and incorrect barcodes. Creating a report of your item records can be done using the following parameters in SimplyReports, or you can email Jennifer Baugh, SHARE Bibliographic Services Manager, at jbaugh@illinoisheartland.org to get a copy of your report.

Press submit, and a new tab will open that will allow you to download the results as an Excel file. You can also add the report results to an item record set.

Volume field specific policies can be found at the following links: