September 2, 2016

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At the end of the 2015/2016 fiscal year, SHARE accumulated the following statistics:

  • 482 Full and Transitional member libraries
  • 18 Affiliate members
  • 9,563,652 items circulated during the year
  • 1,763,426 items filled Interlibrary Loan requests
  • 661,762 items loaned to reciprocal borrowers
  • 14,920,542 PAC searches
  • 9,212,362 items in the shared collection
  • 1,845,236 bibliographic records in the Polaris database
  • 817,095 patrons

Brant, our wonderful webmaster (one of his many duties), taught me something new the other day, and I thought I would pass it along to all of you, in case you don’t know this trick, either!

Now that the new website has been live for a couple of weeks, I hope you have all had time to look it over. Shortly after it went live, Brant added a couple of items that we’ve been talking about for a long time. One of them is a list of all of the SHARE members, with their SHARE code, address, phone number, and hours. You’ll find it under the Connect tab. Here’s the trick! Did you know that you can click “control-F” on any website page to get a search box? You don’t have to scroll down the list of 482 libraries to find the one you’re looking for! And it really does work on other websites, too.

Brant has also added the member library names and their SHARE codes list under both the Circulation and Cataloging tabs, to give you another quick place to find a code for transit slips, among other things.

By the way, these lists--as well as some ideas we have for additions to the website—generate from Polaris, which means they are always up-to-date.

Michelle Ralston left us for the east coast, and Traci Edwards and Kim Sparks are sharing the duties as School Liaison.

Please note that when we encourage you to sign up for an event in L2—whether it’s a training session, a chat, or a meeting—there’s a reason! For public libraries, when you have to determine your CE hours for the IPLAR, if you’ve signed up for all of the events you’ve attended, they will show up on your CE report. The same is true for all other library types—you just have other reasons for using that information.

Date Time Event Location
Monday, 9/5/16 All day Labor Day—IHLS closed  
Tuesday, 9/6/16 2:00PM Members Matter Meeting Gilman-Danforth District Library & VTEL sites
Wednesday, 9/7/16 1:00PM IHLS Directors' Chat Adobe Connect
Thursday, 9/8/16 10:00AM SHARE Policy/Finance Committee meeting Zoom
Tuesday, 9/13/16 9:00AM SHARE Catalogers' Training Session Adobe Connect
Wednesday, 9/14/16 1:00PM SHARE Chat with the IT Staff Adobe Connect
Thursday, 9/15/16 9:30AM Barcoding I — Searching & Matching IHLS Champaign
Thursday, 9/15/16 1:30PM Barcoding II — Item records IHLS Champaign
Friday, 9/15/16 10:00AM SHARE Bibliographic & Cataloging Standards Committee meeting VTEL at all IHLS offices, Decatur Public Library, Illinois State Library
Monday, 9/19/16 1:00PM KAPCO Book Repair Workshop Blue Mound Memorial Library District
Monday, 9/19/16 1:00PM eRead Illinois IHLS Tech Petting Zoo Sherman Public Library
Wednesday, 9/21/16 9:00AM Free Form Free For All Chatham Area Public Library
Wednesday, 9/21/16 1:00PM SHARE Chat—Circulation & Resource Sharing Adobe Connect
Thursday, 9/22/16 9:30AM Barcoding I — Searching & Matching Decatur Public Library
Thursday, 9/22/16 1:30PM Barcoding II — Item Records Decatur Public Library
Friday, 9/23/16 10:00AM Small Public Libraries Get-Together South Macon Public Library District
Monday, 9/26/16 9:30AM Barcoding I — Searching & Matching Marion Carnegie Library
Monday, 9/26/16 1:30PM Barcoding II — Item Records Marion Carnegie Library
Monday, 9/26/16 3:00PM SHARE eResource Committee meeting Zoom
Tuesday, 9/27/16 1:00PM SHARE Circulation Forum Effingham Public Library
Wednesday, 9/28/16 1:00PM SHARE Chat — Cataloging, Barcoding, Serials, & Record Sets Adobe Connect


Be sure to sign up for events of interest to you on L2!