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If you do not wish to participate in automatic patron deletion, you do not have to fill out this form.


Patron records can be deleted manually or you can specify criteria where patron records are automatically deleted each month. With either method, you can specify blocks that prevent certain records from being deleted.

Polaris can be set to automatically delete patron records that have been inactive for a specified number of days. If Polaris is set to automatically delete unblocked records that meet the criteria, you can choose to place any blocked records that meets the criteria in an exceptions record set. The record set has to be set up in advance (see instructions below), and should be reviewed regularly. After review, some records may be edited and retained.

If you do not want any records (blocked or unblocked) to be deleted immediately, you can choose to place all records that are candidates for deletion in a record set where they can be reviewed. After review, some records may be edited and retained, while others may be manually deleted from within the record set (see instructions below).

Records that are blocked from automatic deletion, whether placed in a record set or not, are deleted automatically when the circumstances that prevented deletion no longer exist. System-assigned circulation blocks prevent automatic deletion. Library-assigned or free-text circulation blocks do not prevent automatic deletion.

Once you decide the criteria that affect both manual and automatic deletion of your patron records, and at what level you prefer – library or branch, system staff will set that criteria for you.


  • Automatic deletions based on expiration date is not an option at this time.
  • Certain patron account data from deleted patron records is saved in separate database tables for a period of three years. If an associated item record is also deleted, the item record ID, barcode, title, author and material type are retained. This process insures the accuracy in the following reports:

    • Daily Cash Balance Detail
    • Daily Cash Drawer
    • Daily Cash Drawer POS
    • Bill Patrons
    • Fines and Fees
    • Fines and Fees Summary
    • Non-POS Payments

Once that three year period is exceeded, the saved data is purged.

Steps for enabling automatic patron purging

  1. Create a patron record set for reviewing and editing of exception patron records.
  2. Complete and submit the form below.

Once the form has been completed and submitted, system staff will edit and save the parameters for your location.


  • The patron delete process will be set to run once a month.
  • Be sure to review your patron record set each month, editing records as needed.
  • If you choose for this process to automatically delete unblocked patrons each month, the total number of patrons deleted will be reported on your monthly Statistical Summary. Be sure to generate the Statistical Summary report the first working day of each new month to get an accurate statistic for deleted patrons.