Lost Item


Patron Pays for the Lost Item

  • The library receiving the patron’s payment will enter the patron’s record and mark the charge paid.
  • This library will then mail a check and a Lost Item Payment form to the owning library.
  • Once payment is received at the owning library, it is their responsibility to either repurchase or delete the item from the database.

 The item will remain in the patron’s claimed window until the item has been deleted.

Library Pays for the Lost Item

  • The patron’s home library will enter the patron’s account, and in the Add Charge screen, select Item Lost as the fee reason, enter the charge amount for the total price being charged for the lost item (replacement fee and processing fee if any) and the barcode of the item.
  • In the notes screen, enter a detailed note that the library paid, but the patron still owes the home library.

To maintain the cleanliness and consistency of the SHARE database, member libraries are responsible for purging lost item records on a regular basis. Items not cleared after several years are often the last item on a bibliographic record and can cause frustration when searching. Any items in lost status after three (3) years will be deleted by SHARE staff. SHARE will send a report of items scheduled for deletion for the member library to review and resolve. If the lost items are still in lost status 90 days after notification, SHARE staff will purge the item records.


Items Lost In Transit

  • Search your shelves for these items and if found, check them in.
  • If not found, you may contact the other libraries involved to have them check their shelves.
  • If still not found, a general request can be sent out to the Exchange Listserv for other libraries to check their shelves.
  • The owning library can contact the IHLS Delivery Department or SHARE Director for assistance.
  • If all other resolutions have failed, a bill may be sent to the requesting library as stated in the ILLINET Interlibrary Loan Code.

Adopted 05/11/2015

Revised 12/14/2023


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