Claim Returned/Claim Never Had

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Libraries can make any items they own claim returned but if the item belongs to another library:

  1. Check your shelves for the item.

  2. Call the owning library and ask them to check their shelves. If they do not find the item ask them for permission to change the item to CR. Also ask them how they handle CR. Do they leave them as CR forever or do they change them to lost?

  3. If they change them to lost, the patron will be charged the price of the book and any processing fees so you will want to let your patron know that they will eventually be charged for the item if it doesn’t show up.

  4. If you do not want the patron to ever be charged for the item, you should go ahead and pay the owning library for the material and ask them to delete the item. This will clear the item from the patron record.