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Transacting libraries should allow patrons to clear their record by paying amounts owed. Please contact special libraries before sending payment for a lost or damaged item.

For Fines

Any fine collection by reciprocal libraries may be kept by the transacting library. Unless the patron changes jurisdictions, the decision to waive a fine for overdue items belongs to the patron's home library. Libraries may choose to set a specific threshold and return fines above the limit to the patron's home library. They may deduct postage and handling fees.

For Lost Items

According to the ILLINET Interlibrary Loan Code, section VI, number 7, “The requesting library shall be responsible for borrowed materials from the time the materials leave the supplying library until they have been returned to the supplying library. If damage or loss occurs, the requesting library shall be responsible for compensation, in accordance with the policy of the supplying library.”

And section VI, number 9,“The requesting library assumes full responsibility for patron-initiated transactions.”

The patron's home library is responsible for paying for the lost item if the patron does not do so.

Any amount collected for lost items, including fines (directly related to the lost item being paid for) and processing fees should be collected and sent to the supplying library. The patron will be charged the amount identified in the patron's record for lost items.



Bills may be sent to the patron’s home library for lost items, including items lost in transit. The time frame for billing the patron’s home library is no later than 18 months from the item’s due date or last in transit date. Reimbursement should be made within eight weeks of receipt of the bill.

Material Replacement Cost

Libraries are encouraged to use the list price of the item when possible, and to avoid excessively high default prices. The decision to charge or waive a processing fee belongs to the lending library.

Approved 05/11/2015

Amended 12/14/2023


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