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For Fines:

  • Any fine collection by reciprocal lending libraries may be kept by the Transacting Library. Libraries may choose to set a specific threshold and return fines above the limit to the loaning library. They may deduct postage and handling fees.

For Lost Items:

  • Any amount collected for lost items, including fines (directly related to the lost item being paid for) and processing fees should be collected and sent to the lending library.

  • The patron will be charged the amount identified in the patron's record for lost items.

  • The decision to charge or waive a processing fee belongs to the lending library.



  • Bills may be sent for items lost in transit.

  • Bills may be sent to the patron’s library for lost items.

  • The time frame for billing the patron’s home library is no later than 18 months from the item’s due date or last in-transit date (revised 08/12/2021).

  • Reimbursement will be made within eight weeks of receipt of the bill.


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Adopted 05/11/2015

Revised 08/12/2021