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Thank you for joining the SHARE Executive Council, committees, and staff online for a year in review during the SHARE Annual Members’ Group Meeting!

In the video, you will hear news regarding our consortium, including a brief video about Aspen Discovery, updates from the various committees, and information about proposals that are up for member vote, including:

These proposals will be up for vote on Jan. 20, 2023, and are posted for further review above.

Also, we would like to thank Bayscan Technologies for the fabulous prizes! Congratulations to winners Vicki Sexton, Kyla Waltermire, and Jill Pifer!

At the membership meeting on May 5, the following changes were presented to the membership for vote:

As well as proposals for cataloging libraries:

The vote on these proposals is now open, and will be open for at least one week. It is very important to vote because a quorum of members are required for any policies or changes to take effect. Thank you for your participation in the SHARE member vote and election!


For the full membership meeting:


The SHARE Membership Meeting is an opportunity to share news regarding the consortium, including the various committee updates. It is also an opportunity to propose different policies or governance changes, giving members information to make thoughtful decisions regarding any proposed changes or enhancements. Voting will begin one week following the meeting.

This meeting will take place on Wednesday, December 9 at 2:30 p.m. via Zoom, and will be recorded.


The SHARE semi-annual meeting will be held on January 11, 2017, at 2 pm, via Zoom webinar, for the purpose of reviewing the current state of the consortium, to review all proposed policies, and the proposed FY2018 fee structure.  Following the meeting, electronic voting for approval of the proposed policies and fee structure will be open from January 11 through January 20, 2017.  Only the designated library representative--usually the director--from each full SHARE member may vote.  Affiliate and Transitional members are not eligible to vote. 

Regarding the electronic ballot, each voting representative will be asked to identify their library, so that SHARE staff can monitor who to contact if we are not able to meet the required quorum (50 percent plus one of the full SHARE membership) within a reasonable period of time.

The link to the meeting recording can be found here --

Meeting cancelled.